Worth Every Last Bite

The Doodle loves to take baths. All you have to do is say, "Do you want to take a Bath?" And he immediately shrieks and tries to take off his pants. Here's a picture of him sporting nothing but his helmet getting ready for a bath.

No garage sales today. I had to work. I look so forward to my Saturday morning coffee and perusing through other people's crap for treasures. So I had to go down to Marin tonight and do some work related things and I brought my Mom to help me and she took me to dinner afterward at The Cheese Cake Factory. We officially decided that when we hit the lottery or she hits another Jack Pot up at one of her Indian Casino's that we are going to be opening a Cheese Cake Factory here in our city. Hold your applause please. We even know where we are going to put it. In the old Gottschalks space--plenty of parking.

Of course we were too full to order dessert so we both declined the Cheese Cake. Can you even believe it? But then as we made our way to the door and saw all of those incredible cheesecakes calling out to us from the glass case, we stopped and bought $30 worth of cheese cake to-go. Waiting for our little slices of heaven to be boxed up, I noticed all of the calorie contents listed on each cheese cakes. The calories were over 1,000 calories on most all of the decadent perfection. Surely they meant that many calories for the whole cheese cake right? Can you really eat 1,079 calories in one slice of cheese cake? Suddenly I felt a little sick about it. I was wondering how many Weight Watchers points would be in a 1,000 calorie slice? I tried asking myself what Tori Spelling would do? And then they put a gorgeous and generous dollop of their fantastic whipped cream on the side. The whole way home I kept wondering if the whipped cream calories were included in that very large number. It's really great that the marketing geniuses at the Cheese Cake Factory got together and decided to list the calories on the cakes themselves. How very Jenny Craig of them. But, and I have a big BUTT, why ruin the fun?

So the cheese cake made it home safely without being devoured in my car. And I proceeded to pace myself and only eat half of the chocolate mousse cheese cake. Which means, I only had about 500 calories. Jim ate the rest.

The Doodle only had a couple of head drop seizures today. But the undigested Depakote sprinkles are still showing up in places they should not be if you get my drift.

I spend so little time doing normal things now that tonight when I tried actually having a conversation on the phone with someone, a real live grown up, it was another eye opener for me that our life has forever been changed. Simple things like talking on the phone are no longer easy to manage when you have a Doodle screaming, crying, wanting to be held, jumping on the bed, torturing the cat and getting scratched in the mouth. Luckily this person is very Special and I know that she completely understands.

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