Kindred Spirits

Can you believe it? I have nothing to complain about today.

The Doodle is status-quo, just a handful of the head drop seizures today--last count was 4.

I'm feeling lighter today and definitely not because I ate all that cheese cake last night. My soul feels lighter. Besty introduced me to the most wonderful woman and today I finally got to meet her in person. She has a 3 year old and we took our little guys for a walk around Spring Lake. What I love about her is how much we have in common and how much she gets IT and ME. She is a wealth of information and understanding and her little guy couldn't be any cuter and sweeter. The Doodle made a new friend and so did I.

I suddenly feel like I have met my match. She is a genuine kindred spirit. And, even though the walk kicked my butt, I had a great time. Things felt as normal as they could feel. So today was one of the first days I didn't feel overwhelmed with sadness. I had moments of true joy and remembered to count my blessings for all of the good that is in my life. It hurts to dwell so much on the negative and watching your baby suffer makes it hard to remember to do that.

When I came back from our walk, my mom was hosting a lunch for some of her Corvette Club friends. My mom has some great friends. She is lucky to have friends like that. And, I too am lucky to have met them too. One lady, Dottie, has been saying prayers for the Doodle in her prayer group. Today when I saw her she had some nice words of wisdom and encouragement for me and gave me a beautiful silver coin with a passage written on it. The coin says: "Lord help me remember that nothing is going to happen today that you and I can't handle together".She said He has a plan for us and the Doodle...I know it's asking a lot but I'd really like to know what that plan might be.

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