They're Baaaaaaaack

Yesterday was the first day since April 15th that the Doodle went the entire day without having a seizure! Yay! I forgot what it felt like. It was wonderful, I felt like we had our baby back. All day yesterday, I kept waiting and waiting for a seizure. Nothing. I was beside myself.

How cruel. The seizures were just messing with me. No seizures gave me a sense of false hope because this morning, as usual they are back.

Jim warned me yesterday when I was getting my hopes up that I shouldn't be so optimistic. I thought maybe they might have run their course and would now be gone. Could be that they decided to just give up and move on to their next innocent victim. I thought possibly the Depakote finally got to the therapeutic level in his blood that it needed to be in order for the seizures to stop. I feel silly.

I hate it when I'm wrong.

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