Might As Well Jump

Dommy Does Raspberries All Day Long.
You ask him something and you get a raspberry. Do you want to eat? Raspberry. Do you want to go bye bye? Raspberry. Did you poop your pants? Raspberry. He's laying here right now with me watching his Backyardigans show and making raspberries.
He just won't stop.
The Doodle's birthday present arrived and we couldn't wait to set it up. I wasn't about to make him wait until his actual birthday. It's a fairly big bounce house, 9x9x14. I was half way joking to Jim that because of his seizures we needed to build him a padded room where he could run around without his helmet. TaDa! Thanks to my insomnia, I came up with the brilliant idea to buy one instead of renting one for almost the same price. I'm smart, resourceful and thrifty. It was great, I was shopping online for it at 3:00 in the morning and three days later it magically arrived. Now instead of locking him in our carpeted bedroom all day, I have an alternative. I can lock him in the jumpee.

He mostly loves it. He likes climbing in and out best, going up and down the little slide. Jimmy likes it too. I'd be in there bouncing if there wasn't a strict weight limit; I'd bottom that thing out. Darn. Not to mention, I threw my back out moving it. No really. I did. I can't move. It weighs like 60 pounds and I heard something crack. I'm laying here typing this blog entry flat on my back. I like to think I'm like Kramer from Seinfeld in the episode where he was driving the bus and getting beat up but kept making all the stops.

Good times.

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