Papa Steve

The Doodle Shows Papa Steve His Helmet.

What great timing the Doodle has. I think you can tell when he is really comfortable around some people because he poops his pants. My Dad, Papa Steve and Kathy, Dad's Better Half, stopped by this evening to bring the Doodle his birthday presents because they will be out of town for his party on Saturday. They got the best Doodle greeting he could muster since he was engrossed in his SHAPE appointment with the Dora the Explorer lady.

Papa Steve was nice enough to wear his helmet too. It always make the Doodle feel like one of the guys when he sees a fellow helmet wearer. And, he loves his wooden groceries that they brought him. I'm so happy that they are made out of wood because he would most definitely rip them to shreds if they were the cardboard kind...not sure how Kathy knew that. But, good call! I must now unhide his shopping cart that I put away when he started having his seizures again so that the groceries can go in his cart.

He was playing with the giant Hummer, which he broke the doors off and showing them how the Daddy guy would go inside. He then put all the groceries in the car, not knowing his Dad doesn't ever actually go to the grocery store. Still no sign of a Mommy person, the one that actually does all of the grocery shopping.

So, in the end, he did what any excited kid would do, he opened his presents and then dropped a load. And, on their way out he blew them a kiss. It was really nice to see my Dad and Kathy.
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