Jumping the Gun

Home Depot came out and measured so that we can carpet the majority of our house since it is 90% tile now. The only rooms with carpet are our bedroom, upstairs and our living room which opens to the rest of the main house which is either carpet or hardwood. Most of the granny unit is also tile.

I'm in a conundrum because I am faced with wanting to keep the Doodle safe but if he ends up having to go into a wheel chair or walker then it will all have to be ripped out again and I just wasted $7000. I'm being told that they cannot carpet over our tile, so our tile will have to come out...But wheel chairs and walkers don't roll to well over carpet and pad...hmph. Needing to make a decision on this, I just asked Jimmy's Magic 8 Ball and here was my response, "Concentrate and ask again". I shook the little black ball vigorously and quickly asked again. Then it told me, "Outlook good". So what the hell is that supposed to mean? Outlook is good to get carpet? Or outlook is good for the Doodle, so do not bother getting the carpet?

The Doodle is so cute. He's sitting next to me right now up on the bed, clapping his hands when Dora and Boots clap. He tries ever so-slyly to reach over and bang his hands on the keyboard knowing he's not supposed to. I just told him NO and now he is rubbing my back.

The seizure activity has slowed down over the last few days. He had the big scary one on Saturday and hasn't had another one of those again. Maybe the Depakote with the Keppra is working. Finally. But I'm remaining calm, cool, collected and realistic to the best of my Type A ability. I can't stop thinking about what our Santa Rosa neurologist, DR. NO HOPE, told me, that once his body gets used to the medication and dosage, we will be back in full seizure swing.

I'm trying not to get too excited about this. I don't want the carpet ripped out from under me (punn actually intended).

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