Today was the start of a mid-week couple of days off mini-vacation with Jimmy. Last year we came down to Gilroy to stay a couple of nights with Jim while he worked and we went to the outlets and to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We brought the Doodle on the trip last year and it wasn't easy. Or much fun. So this year, Jimmy and I came down for a couple of days Doodle-free. Grammy is watching the little monster and I sure miss him right now; so much that my heart aches. I just played a slide show for myself of his pictures on my laptop.
I'm bummed we just missed the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival, it was last weekend. But, Jimmy is having the best time. He gets to pick and decide everything we do, where we stay, and what we eat. I am completely on Jimmy time. Right now it's 11:00 and we're watching Hannah Montana in our hotel room, we're burning the midnight oil. I love Hannah's song so I put it in on the Doodle's blog for you to enjoy. It makes me cry, I'm such a wuss.
We spent most of the days shopping for school clothes at the Gilroy Outlets. He's a dream come true because he likes to shop as much as I do. I gave him a budget this year and I told him he can spend it anyway he wants to on his school clothes. Now that he has to part with "his" money he is much more thoughtful and careful about what he buys. We went to all of his favorite stores so it was worth the trip: Volcom, Fox, Etnies, Quicksilver, Hurley, Puma, Nike, Echo, Calvin Klein, DC Shoes, and so many more. He was in heaven. Here's what Jimmy bought...
Here's what I bought...Another hat to put in the rotation, can you believe it?

We had a nice date night out to dinner at Chevy's (boy do I love their Salsa!) And then we came back to the hotel and went in the hot tub. Yes, I got in a bathing suit...we met some nice people from Canada, aye.
Not even sure what we are doing tomorrow. We will sleep in, go to breakfast and play it by ear. I'm trying to talk him into going home early and going to the fair; the Doodle could go to the fair with us. He's pushing for Raging Waters Water Slide Par, where I would be required to shave my legs or I might scare the kids and then put on a bathing suit which is equally as frightening.

You'd think I would sleep great tonight, I've only had a few nights away from the Doodle and I can't help but worry. When I say away, I don't mean just away, but not sleeping next to me, touching me and kicking me in the back all night long waking up screaming. I've got black-out curtains, a no disturb sign on our door, a queen bed with high thread count sheets and a down comforter all to myself and I probably won't get any sleep tonight thinking about the Doodle.

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