7:00 a.m.

We started our fourth of July out with a bang! Doodle Bug woke us up this morning at 7:00 a.m. with a Grand Mal seizure. It lasted about a minute and it was brutal to witness. I pray that you never have to watch someone you love convulse, eyes rolled back in their head, shaking violently and barely breathing. It's the most helpless feeling because there is nothing you can do but wish it to be over and wait.

Our nice new Doctor at UCSF had me take the Doodle off of Keppra. It made sense, since the grand mals had seemed to have left the building and he thought it was such a small dose that it probably wasn't doing anything anyway. He hasn't had a grand mal since May 16th. Now I'm thinking we made a mistake taking him off of it. Why three days later is he having the big kind of seizures again? Coincidence?

I went ahead and gave him his morning dose of Keppra. I'm putting him back on it. Maybe it was doing the trick after all. Or maybe the excitement of the Bouncy House and the Lake was too much for his little brain to handle. Who the hell knows.

Happy Fourth of July.

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