Our Only Hope

We just finished with the Doodle's appointment at our local neurologist and the prognosis is pretty devastating. I'm typing, but I can't really feel my fingers.

I was told he will have this severe form of epilepsy his entire life. We have run out of options for medication. Although, the Dr. is upping his dosage of Depakote anyway. There is nothing else they can do for him. Once his body gets used to the Depakote, it will lose it's effectiveness. The only drug we have not tried yet is Topomax.

Brain surgery is not even an option for him, he's too little. And, the type of seizures he's having and because the seizures are coming from all over his brain instead of one particular area means that surgery will not work. I am keeping our appointment at Sutter and I will fight for an appointment with UCSF.

So, unless I believe in the power of prayer, the Doodle will only get worse.

I have to Believe.

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