We never made it to Yosemite this weekend, instead we thought we should stick around closer to home and try the Beach. Such romantic hopes for a nice, relaxing weekend and then the harsh reality of Doodleville set in.

I’m not sure why I continue to get my hopes up that we are going to have a good time in public. I gave up on relaxing or enjoyable, I just want “good”; now I'd settle for uneventful. I suffer from short-term memory loss where I said last time, I will never do "that" again. I have delusions of normality.

How hard could it be to take an autistic child to the beach? How much trouble could one 2 ½ year old get into on a wide open beach of sand and horizon? Well I will tell you how much. The Doodle single-handedly destroyed our lunch and my camera and insisted on running straight into the Ocean with not a fear in the world. Very relaxing...

Our family trip to the Beach cost me easily $300 and what was left of my sanity:

*Gourmet turkey panini’s from Pacific Market pitched to the Sea Gulls: $14.95

*Red Mark Ecko back pack eaten by the Flock of Sea Gulls still hungry after eating our lunch: $65.00

*Gas to get to Bodega Bay and back: $24.30

*Canon Digital Camera thrown open-shutter into the sand: $250.00

*In-patient treatment for Me at Psychiatric Hospital after family time at the Beach with the Doodle: Priceless

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  1. Angela, I would be happy to go with you to your in-patient treatment session. I think I could benefit from a session myself! ; ) Kristin