Still Waiting for the Punch Line

The million dollar question of the day: How do you get an autistic child to wear a full body crash suit?

Still waiting for the punch line? Me too.

I’ve counted at least 25 mycolonic (head-drop seizures today) and one staring seizure. While the bike helmet is doing it’s damnest to protect the Doodle’s skull, I am in desperate need of some full body armor for autistic children with seizures. My entrepreneurial spirit is screaming for me to invent and market something cute and comfortable. Ya I have time for that.

Jim brought Dominic in from the garage this weekend in full motocross gear – chest protector, helmet and all. Maybe he was onto something. I wonder if FOX or Thor would consider making seizure gear for the trendy epileptic tot with neuro issues?

You’d have to see a head-drop seizure to fully appreciate the staggering g-force involved and the incredible slamming to ground that takes place. It’s not a buckling of the legs and a lazy fall, but more like a Ghost has swept his feet out from under him and pushed him down as hard as he can. Today, he hit his cheek on the ground so hard while Betsy and I watched completely helpless. At least it happened on the carpet this time. Most of the house is tile which now desperately needs to be carpeted. How can I put him down? He wants to get down and play so badly. He wants to push his little shopping cart and shuffle his little outwardly turned feet. He wants to go outside. He truly does not understand what is happening to him. Neither do I.

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  1. Angie. I can't decidie wether to laugh or cry when I read all these entries. They are remarkable. You do a great job. I can totally hear your voice and feel your pain, but with all the devastating observations, your awesome humor and sarcasm come shininh through. I'm thinking of you and your whole family as you struggle through this. I know you will get answers. XO, Fred