Goodbye Chewey

Proof that the Doodle is growing up; he gave up his beloved chewey yesterday all by himself and for no apparent reason.

I’ve been actually dreading taking the chewey away from him since he has been so attached to it since birth. Jimmy never had a chewy and I always thought they were disgusting…but Dominic seriously required one. From day one, he was sucking and chewing as if he was getting in wisdom teeth and the only way I could give my sagging tube-socks a break was to stick a pacifier in his mouth. Oh, I’m sorry, did you not hear the last part of the sentence because you were still trying to figure out what sagging tube-socks are? No, they do not go on your feet. I’m referring to my long, overworked breasts that will never be the same again. (Note to self: sometimes less is more)

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