A Little Man of Few Words

Maybe Dominic is not talking because he doesn't have anything important to say right now. Maybe he will be a man of few words. It's just sad that our cat in heat is putting out more sounds and language than Dominic as she chatters about the house wanting outside to get laid.
The Doodle understands so much and I watch him soak things in. I keep waiting for that huge language explosion from him. Any day now.

Today was a hard day for the Doodle. 8 head-drop seizures before 8:00 a.m., I could tell he wasn't feeling right. His balance is off and his eyes are more glazed than usual. He sees his little push cart, his eyes light up and he wants to get down and play so badly. Pointing to his head and grabbing my face so that he knows I am seeing and listening to his request, he doesn't understand my reluctance. So, against my better judgement, I let him down and then minutes later, BOOM! I hear the nauseating sound of his helmet slamming to the ground and then his wailing cry. Every time I hear that crash, my heart stops for a second and I wonder what injury he's going to have. I hold him in my arms and love him, telling him it's going to be OK. I kiss him and squeeze him until he stops crying and then he wants down to do it all over again.

Our Besty Angel came to work with him today but he could barely function and was unusually more upset, so she took him for a nice walk in his stroller. He likes to go outside no matter how crappy or out of it he feels. I am hoping the beautiful and smart doctors at Stanford will shed some much needed light tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

I did my best on the bread tonight, but in my defense, I'm a little side-tracked. Jim came home from working in Elk for a home cooked meal and had to put the garlic bread out with a fire extinguisher. I've never seen garlic bread burn like that before. Jimmy was screaming, "Put it Out! Put it Out!" It was like a campfire in my oven. Will I ever get this smell out of our house?

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