It's the After-Thought that Counts

Even though Jim and Jimmy went riding yesterday Mother's Day turned out alright. I spent the day with the Doodle and we went to Home Goods in Vacaville, my very favorite store. I bought some high thread count on sale sheets for my new King Size Bed. Yay. Now we will have fourteen inches more room to sleep the four of us. I can't believe we've been sleeping in a Queen size bed all these years. What can I say? We're a "close knit" family.

So Jim, in true Jim-fashion, waited until the last possible minute to hit Safeway on his way home from the track so not to show up empty handed. I excitedly opened up a "Birthday" card, with the Birthday part scratched out and Happy Mother's Day scribbled inside. I guess they were all out of Mother's Day cards at the grocery store at 5:00 pm on Mother's Day. Hmmmm. Wonder why. He couldn't understand my disappointment with my Birthday card. He actually had the audacity to say to me, "it's the thought that counts". My point exactly. It's the THOUGHT (not after-thought) that counts! He refuses to plan ahead and then blames me for being irritated with his thoughtlessness. Oh well, the Doodle loved the Giant Mylar Balloon and the carnations were a nice touch. That's all I'm going to say about that. It's not like these holidays sneak up on him year after year. Except I will send a shout out to any husband who's shopping at Safeway for Mother's Day, don't forget the groceries. Now, that would be thoughtful.

So the day was otherwise great. Dominic was on his very best behavior in the car and at the store. We even went to lunch at one of my favorite places, Pannera. No head-drop seizures today and he only screamed once. Progress? My fingers are crossed.

P.S. I became a follower of my own blog today in attempt to get my numbers up:)

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