Bye Bye Betsy

Today was our Angel Betsy's last day:(

Since working with the Doodle every day since last year, she had become an extended part of our family and we adore her. Dominic has been so lucky to receive some fantastic special education services from Betsy but more importantly, love. Betsy has been his Shape assistant and comes to our house and plays with him for a couple of hours a day and has been gifted with an enormous amount of patience. Because I know how trying it is and how I need to really practice my patience skills everyday and he's my own son. I can't imagine trying to have that much patience with someone else's kid.

Dom gets so excited when Betsy comes to the door and he loves to throw things out of her bin. Most people that visit Dom usually bring a bin filled with wonderful tactile things to play with and do. If you ever come over to my house and Dom answers the door he will be checking the porch to see if you forgot to bring in your bin. Actually, he has quite the Staff for such a little person. He also has a speech person, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist who are all working to shape and regulate this special boy. Betsy promises to stay nearby and will continue to be his guiding light. No pressure Betsy...

Soon the Doodle will go to special ed preschool and be riding the short bus. I can't help but giggle and cry when I picture a short bus pulling up to our house and picking him up in his helmet with his weighted backpack. Come on, you don't get much more special than that. We're all the way to right on the special spectrum, there's no in between special here. It's funny now that I know he will be riding the short bus, I see short buses everywhere. I think I counted 7 short buses today while running errands. Not a lot of helmet-sporting special kids on the short bus; I did make a note of that. You must be very special in order to wear the helmet.

My goal for the Doodle by preschool is to get the seizures under control. Goal two would be to get him to say some words and hopefully his first word will not be a swear word. A talking Doodle would be fantastic and a dream come true. I can't even imagine right now what his little voice would sound like if you took away the grunts.

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  1. Good to hear Doodle is getting lots of support as its really important when young.
    I am still hoping my sons first word wont be a swear word either!