Here's Where You Can Put Your Case Management

What a week it’s been. I feel like I’m coming down off a bad trip of acid and I’ve never even taken acid before. The Doodle Bug continues to have seizures--even loaded up on all this medicine.

At the instruction of our new but now Fired DAN Doctor, we introduced two new medicines into our little two year old’s system. In addition to be doped up on Trileptal and Keppra, which both make him a little crazier than usual, this DAN Doctor prescribed Lamictal and Zonisamide. After just 3 doses, the Doodle could barely stand without falling over and was having a new type of head-drop seizure; where he would just fall over and hit the floor.

Not fond of having to wear his bicycle helmet around the house, he’s even more pissed off now and hard to manage. Pissed off and extremely tired, to the point of narcolepsy.

The lovely $500 an hour idiot DAN Doctor who works out of her home, should have been a red flag to me then…refuses to talk to me about his medicine dosage unless I plunk down $400 per hour for a telephone appointment or as she would recommend, I come into the office—for $500 per hour so that she can answer my questions. These are not random, how ya doin questions, these are serious questions related to the God Damn medicine she just prescribed to him that he can no longer function at all on.

Besides the pure lack of integrity and bedside manner, is this not completely unethical for a MD to prescribe you additional medicine, telling you that you need to slowly taper off the old medicine you are on, but then NEVER provide that information to you unless you come into the office and pay for the rest of the advice?

After ranting to the Office Manager, who suggested in order to get a prescription schedule or my questions answered from said idiot doctor, I should authorize “case management” which is a mere $350 per hour. After telling her where to put her case management and what an outrage this was…I told her we would not be coming back any day soon and to promptly close my file and account. Then, I slammed down my phone as hard as I could in her ear. I never said I was cool, collected and mature. Apparently, this DAN Doctor does not come to the phone for less than $400 per hour.

Since they now know that I am writing one of my letters to the American Medical Association and filing my complaint with the Better Business Bureau and YELP…I get a strange, muddled phone call from the idiot Doctor telling me the good news! She will give me 15% off. Yay. Now I can go to Vegas.

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