The Dark Side of Autism

It's not that I have forgotten about this blog, that's not why I stopped posting. I stopped posting because when things are hard and bleak it was just one more thing pulling at me.

Here's an update in our world.

The Doodle is now 10 and for the most part, his seizures are under control with medication but his Autism and OCD is off the charts. As he gets older, he continues to regress and it's still very  hard to teach him things--especially patience. We had a serious cancer scare in 2013 and almost lost him.

He's still not potty trained and still doesn't speak one word but he does give some of the best hugs I've ever had so we have that going for us.

Jimmy is 17 and is a Junior in high school now. We couldn't be more proud of the kind and compassionate man he has become!

I've been busy over the last few years--I wrote a book about our story, published by Morgan James, The Dark Side of Autism


If you've read the blog at all, it is a combination of stories and experiences raising a very special needs boy. Hopefully, some parents and/or caregivers will relate to my frustration along this incredibly difficult journey. It's a raw, heartfelt story of coping and acceptance at it's core. Without giving too much away (lol) it's not a feel-good story with a happy ending so be prepared.

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