A Boy Without a Bus

The Doodle started Kindergarten and it was a big day for him.  We had received a confirmation letter from the (stupid) bus company that they would pick him up at 8:28am.  A time which never made any sense to me since his school starts at 8:35 am.  That gives them 7 minutes to get him on the bus, strap him into the special anti-escape jump seat, drive to the school, unstrap him and get him (and the other kids) off the bus and to his class in 7 minutes--hoping he's cooperating and there is no traffic and or red lights. 

So we got ready for school and since he loves to ride the bus and it's been a while, I really talked up the bus and got him jacked up that "OH BOY! THE BUS WAS COMING!!!  He got excited and so we went outside to wait for the bus.  After all, the first day of Kindergarten is pretty exciting for any child--and parents, right?  So we went outside and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Anyone who knows the Doodle, knows he doesn't like to wait; hates it in fact.  He's got no patience, so we've all learned not to tell him something until it's going to happen or he screams and freaks out.  After waiting 15 minutes with no bus in sight, I had my mom go inside and call the bus company.  They couldn't find the bus driver and didn't know what happened to her--because she wasn't answering the radio, but, they assured us that she was coming any minute.  So we waited.  And waited some more.  Now, 25 minutes late--I decide to go inside and call them again because the Doodle is getting a little tired of the waiting part and his uber-gelled up Twilight hair is beginning to wilt in the morning fog.  When I call, I get the same lame response...they still don't know where she is but she might be in downtown Sebastopol.  WTF?  Hmmm.  Well that makes no sense since we live in a completely different city and now she is beyond being a little "late", now she is MIA.  As if I'm not having enough anxiety that the Doodle is going to a brand new school, with a brand new teacher and no one on one support aid this year to watch out for him....and I'm worried and wanting to take Jimmy to his first day of school too so that he doesn't feel slighted--and hoping I'm back in time to see the Doodle onto the new bus on this very special day-- needless to say, I could have really done without the extra stress of wondering where the hell the bus was and if it was ever coming.  So I get irritated because they can't tell me anything and by now the Doodle's screaming has subsided, and I wanted an explanation.  No one had any answers.  I tell them to forget it, I will just drive him myself--which I could have done all along if some one at the damn bus company would have just let me know.  So he was 45 minutes late for his first day of school.

And, although, I may have no cute pictures of the Doodle getting on the bus on his first day of Kindergarten, I do have these cute pictures of the Doodle waiting for the (stupid) bus with his new Thomas the Train backpack.

P.S.  Oh, you know I called that bus company back...six times in fact--demanding to talk to a supervisor-trying to get a straight answer as to how they possibly forgot to pick up my son for school and that the alleged 8:28am pick up time was not at all acceptable since I didn't want him being late to school every single day.

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