Our Little Graduate

Friday the Doodle graduated his special ed day class preschool...it was bittersweet for me.  There was a little cereomy and diploma.  He threw an egg shaker at the head of the dad playing guitar and he danced a lot.  Jim, Jimmy and I couldn't have been prouder.

I'm happy that he is moving on to bigger and better things but sad because his classroom and his teachers were like home.  He was comfortable.  He knew what to expect.  He had a routine.  He knew what was expected of him and finally got familiar with the program and it's rules and structure.  We'll have a little break for summer and then he will start his special ed Kindergarten--where he will have to start all over again.  Besides not being ready developmentally, emotionally and physically, transition for autistic children isn't always the easiest and while he's probably going to be anxious starting a new school with a new teacher--and a new bus route, so will I.

I will close my eyes and pray.  Here's to hoping for a smooth transition into Kindergarten.

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