Doodleville Updates

Summer has officially started, and that includes some actual sunny weather around here.  It was raining and cold most of May and even in June--I was calling it Junuary.  So both kids are out of school.  Jimmy is already bored stiff and annoying his brother and the Doodle starts one month of summer school on June 14.  For now, we're just trying to keep the Doodle out of the refrigerator, off the counters, out of the pantry, from throwing things in the toilet and from scaling the cabinet to get to the DVDs and the DVD player.  To say he is a little OCD about things is a complete understatement.  He's gotten very ingenuitive, so he definitely gets an A for effort.  He drags things from all over the house to stand on and stack to reach the things he has to get his hands on....things like my cell phone and chips.  If we leave the gate to the bathroom open, you will find him in his clothes sitting in the tub with all his toys and the water running.  Our house is an accident just waiting to happen.  So far he's staying away from the sharp knives, poison and electrical outlets but then again, he's still just 4 years old.

On a more positive note, he's really into trains right now and pushing cars around.  My mom bought him a Thomas the Train battery operated set but he wants nothing to do with playing with the train on the tracks.  No, he would rather turn the train on and watch it fall of the counter. 

We really thought we hit the jackpot when Jimmy brought him home a couple of balloons from the dentist.  But all he wanted to do was release them and watch them get stuck to the ceiling and then freak out when we couldn't get them down.  Never again can we bring a helium balloon home; it's just not worth it.

And the best seizures to speak of, except those annoying things that wake him (and me) up all night.

Other fantastic news is that Jimmy got his braces off!  And, he has zero cavities. That's amazing because he can really power-down the candy. I'm so proud of this little guy, not because of his candy eating ability but because of his great grades all year.  He had all A's and one B, and he made the honor roll each semester.  He's really growing up fast. He's actually almost taller than me.  He's 5' 7" and growing.  Yes, that is a slight hint of a mustache you see there in the picture....ahhhh the joys of puberty and back talking. 

He's still trying to figure out which school he wants to go to next year.  He can either stay at his current school and be a big 6th grader....or start Middle School and be a 6th grader in Junior High. I'm letting him make this important decision but I told him he can't keep changing his mind.  He needs to decide and stick with it.

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