Is it Really May?

I can't believe we're already in month 5.....where did the time go?
Big news around here would be that the Doodle finally got his cast off.

I've been a bad blogger and haven't been blogging much lately.  It's not like things aren't happening around here, just the opposite actually-things have been crazy busy and blogging is just one more thing on my to-do-list that doesn't seem to be getting done.  
Here's a picture of the boys coloring Easter Eggs. 
Better late than never, right?

And here is the Doodle on Easter morning playing with his new Thomas the Train from grammy.  He's having the hardest time waiting for the train to come around the track, I thought it was teaching him patience. 
Not so much.
Lastly, yesterday was a sad day around here because it was one year ago that my little
brother Tony passed away.
The only thing that brings me comfort is to hope he's in a better place.
It's what we like to tell ourselves anyway, to feel better.
Although it doesn't help the hurt go away.

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  1. ((((hugs)))). MAy you rest in the arms of Jesus during your difficult time!