My Little Compass

The Doodle has a sixth sense (or is it a sick sense?) when it comes to direction either that or he's got a photographic memory.  When we take him for a ride - doesn't matter which direction we are headed, we can be gone for ten minutes or ten hours and when we get to our Street he knows which way to turn to go home--no matter which direction we're coming from. 

The other day we were driving by his school and before we got to the corner, he recognized where we were and started screeching and pointing from the back seat over at his school.  We thought it might be a fluke--but then later on another day he did the same thing, coming from a different direction.  Later that night, we drove by the school again and he again, recognized exactly where we were.  It was dark and raining and we were approaching the school from an entirely different direction and street.

We can take him for a walk: stop. blind fold him. spin him around and then ask him which way toward home and he will point in the correct direction.

I look at the Doodle some days and I wonder what he will be like when he grows up, what special gifts has he been given?  I can only hope that he will be the happiest little tour guide or rescue helper in Northern California.

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