Snow in Them 'Dar Hills

You don't see the vineyards dusted with snow very often around Sonoma County -
this can't be good for this year's grapes...
But, it was a great afternoon playing in the snow--just 25 minutes away from our house. 
The Doodle has never been to the snow before.
He Loved It!  And it gave him a real reason to wear gloves.

He played and ran and even threw snow balls at his dad and brother.

Jimmy and Jim went the day before and scouted out some cool places to go--
they went 4-wheeling whereas, I DID NOT.The Doodle and I opted out of any verticle adventures for obvious reasons but the main reason being I kept having visions of being featured in the Around the Empire and Obituary of the Press Democrat.
So we played it safe and had some snacks and got hailed on.
A nice holiday weekend and I'm sad that it's over and it's back to work.

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