Christmas Day in Doodleville


The Doodle had a great day. 
We let him sleep in until 10:30 and then he got up and opened his presents.
He liked tearing the paper and he loved his DVD's. 
Jimmy wrote us a touching fictional story and read it aloud and made us a cool Christmas Tree out of clay. 
I love how creative he is.
Jimmy got a Play Station 3 from Santa so he was pretty happy.
They all played video games, including the Doodle.
Jim got a Snuggie.
And I got this necklace I have been wanting so badly from Jim and the kids,
it's made by one of my favorite jewelry designers and fellow-bloggers Lisa Leonard
It's hand stamped and says "Mama - Hand Holder, Dream Soother, Love Giver..."
It's my favorite thing ever.
It's cold and raining here so Coco opted to stay inside; she took a nap under the tree.
Our tree is getting dry and crispy and I can't wait to get it out of here.
I also can't wait for our family vacation to Disney Land and Palm Springs.
I hope the weather is nice.
Looking forward to 2011-
a fresh start, a new year,new dreams, new hope.
God Bless.

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