Date Night

...with Jimmy, not Jim--the other one, the little guy who I just measured and is now a 5' 4" 10 year old--soon to be turning 11 this month..

Tonight we went to a movie, Jimmy doesn't mind seeing "chick flicks" so it's almost like having a girlfriend to go to the movies with.  We went and saw "Life as We Know It".  We got popcorn and M&Ms and for two hours I sat in a crowded movie theater and escaped reality.  No work, no phone, no deadlines, no stress, no interruptions, nothing to pick up or fix or make or clean or put away, it's what I love about going to the movies.  It's dark, quiet, I don't have to talk or think or chase anyone or pull anything out of the toilet that shouldn't be in there.  I get to sit, relax and just be entertained.  And when it's just Jimmy and I, he is a delight; not talking back-trying to be cool or a smart mouth; just a nice boy who likes to go to the movies with mom and share popcorn on a Saturday night.  The way I wish it could always be.

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