Daddy Time

Jim's been working out of town--too far away to commute and drive back each day so that means he's staying in a hotel. I can't be too jealous of his hotel/spa vacation this time because they have him working the night shift.  Yuck.

So he comes home on the weekend, exhausted and trying to adjust to regular day time hours and get his sleep pattern back on track for a couple of days to then goes back and starts it all over again. He says the worst part is missing the kids.  So this weekend he had all day Saturday with Jimmy, they took a day trip to Dixon and went riding at the track and he spent most of the day on Sunday with the Doodle.  It was kind of a humid and rainy day so we watched movies and made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. 

We're not sure, but we don't think the Doodle actually knows how long his dad is actually gone for.  We think he must just think he was at work for a very longggggggg work day when he's been gone all week.  Sunday the boys rode motorcycles around the house - which is one of the Doodle's new favorite things to do.  Jim says he seems so relaxed and "normal" when they're riding.  He's not all crazy and freaking out.  He said the motorcycle actually calms him.  Maybe it's the vibration or the noise--or just being in his daddy's lap going fast that he likes.  When they come back from riding around on the property, I know that the Doodle is pretty mad and cries and sits and does the sign for "MORE".  One good thing is, he's so used to wearing his helmet that he doesn't mind at all putting on his motorcycle helmet.

Last Thursday night when he saw Jim at the door, he was pretty happy to see him.  He gave him a huge hug and wouldn't let go.  It made Jim's weekend.  The one who misses Jim the most though (besides me of course) is Jimmy.  He hates it when his dad is out of town.  But they write letters to each other and text and call each other several times a day.

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