Back in Business!

For one week now, since the Doodle almost broke his arm messing around in his "time out" baby swing and had to retire it, we've been virtually time out free.  That's not to say the Doodle hasn't needed a time out or twenty--But with retiring the swing, we have been at a complete loss as to how to make him take a time out and actually get the full effect of a "time out".  A complete "break" where he can relax and come back to reality from his moments of complete insanity or bad behavior. 

We tried several different "chairs" from around the house.  Big chairs, little chairs, wooden chairs, etc.

But, there were issues with the chairs...1). He could get out of them unless we physically held him in the chair and 2.) He would tip himself over in the chair (and hurt himself again).

Last night I was up at 3:00am catching up on my Real Housewives of New Jersey when it hit me to design my own "time out" chair that he could not weasel his way out of.  A nice, large, comfortable chair where he could be restrained yet I would know he would be safe for his time outs.



Wait for it...


Am I brilliant?  Yes that is ribbon and no it's not just for wrapping anymore.

It's a car seat harness sewed into one of his comfy chairs.

The best part is he actually likes to be strapped in tight; he's got sensory issues just like Temple Grandin. This is My version of a hugging machine. I have something even better in mind for my Phase II time out chair.  It's going to be fancy.

Now don't go getting any ideas about manufacturing this great little concept, because...Patent Pending. 

Wait until the Behaviorist gets a load of this...

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  1. You are amazing! Good work my friend! Wow! 3 o'clock in the morning.