First Boating Trip this Year

It's almost July and today was the first time we've taken the boat out this summer. It was hot, and I waited too long to apply the SPF, so I'm feeling a little "warm" in some places right now. My body has not seen the sun in a very long time--but the vitamin D felt good.

It was just me, Jim and Jimmy. We left the Doodle home with a nurse. It would have been way too hot out there for him and I worry about the heat bringing on seizures. It would have been an entirely different kind of trip had we of brought the Doodle. There would have been no time for relaxing; we couldn't stop the boat and everything he could get his little hands on would be thrown into the water. I think he has just as much fun climbing around in the boat when it's parked in the garage and when he gets tired of it, we can just go inside.

Jimmy had a great day. Sometimes a 10 year old with a special needs brother needs a day with his parents all by himself, Doodle-free. He swam, knee-boarded, wake-boarded and relaxed. We listened to music and had a nice picnic lunch. Besides my sunburn, it was a great day.

We came home and did one of the Doodle's favorite things, we took a walk down the driveway and brought the garbages down like we do every Sunday night. This time, he wanted to push the garbage can. And, who are we to stand in the way of the little things that bring him such pleasure?

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