Father's Day

Had a nice and relaxing Father's Day today, spent a couple of hours with my Dad and a couple of hours with my step dad, Bob. I got to enjoy two really nice visits completely Doodle-free. I purposely left the Doodle home, otherwise there would have been no visit...just me chasing him around their houses catching things before they could crash to the floor. There would have been no opportunity for any conversation over the screaming and demands. When I bring the Doodle into an unfamiliar environment, he "hi-jacks" the situation. The show, Dennis the Menace comes to mind.

I, of course, gave Jim a few hysterical cards, a new BBQ brush to clean the grill with and a Lady Antebellum cd. Jim and Jimmy went riding today, they both returned unharmed so that was a good thing. We ate dinner and then we walked the garbages down the road with the kids. Unlike most kids when they grow up, they won't have fabulous and exciting trips and exotic vacations to reflect on, instead, they will remember walking the garbages down the road and back on Sunday nights which is perfectly fine with me.
I haven't seen the Killdeer bird in awhile. He's moved to a different area of the property. I wonder if they celebrate Father's Day in Heaven?

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