You Should've Seen It In Color

It's funny, I love to take a new photo and make it black and white.
I'm not sure why, I just like the way they look and make me feel.
"A picture's worth a thousand words but you can't see what those shades of gray keep covered ...You should've seen it in color." - Jamey Johnson
I'm not a die-hard country music fan but I do like it...especially Tim McGraw, Hal Ketchem, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban to name a few. But, my husband Jim is BIG country fan, more of the newer stuff--he likes all music actually and one of the things I fell in love with him about was how sensitive he is. He listens to the words in music and tries to interpret them and a lot of music really touches him. He'll call me in the middle of the day and ask me if I've ever heard a song, or he'll come home and want to play a song for me because of it's message or meaning or melody. He's passed that on to Jimmy which I think is just fantastic because Jimmy will come in and say, "Mom, you gotta here this song, you'll love it". Or, "Mom, me and dad want to play a song for you that we really like, it reminds us of you (or the Doodle)." So it's really a cool thing that Jim has given that gift to us.
I used to kid him when I would walk in the room and he'd be sitting on the couch crying his eyes out to a country music video on CMT. Now, I can appreciate it. This is one of Jim's favorite songs, one that he came home and told me about and then had me watch the video. It really is a great song, I hope you'll take a minute and listen to the words. Does music inspire or touch you?

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