Sick Again

Aren't these germs a pretty shade of green?

I'm actually glad school is out. We get a few weeks with a break in the germ department. It's one of the only things I really hate about sending the Doodle to school because he comes home with everything imaginable. His medically fragile class room is like one giant petri dish full of sickness. The stuff he doesn't catch in his class room he catches from his brother who brings it home to share. The Doodle's immune system seems to be weak and he catches everything. 4 weeks of summer school starts in mid-June so he ought to he healthy enough to get back there so that he can catch something else. SIGH.

What do you do with a sick and coughing Doodle on a three day weekend? We finally caught a break in the weather but the Doodle is really sick. Fever. Cough. Runny nose. He's been coughing so hard he's come really close to throwing up. It's scary because when you have a child with seizures the last thing you want is for them to throw up their anti-seizure medication. What can you do if they do throw it up? You can't just re-dose them...

So this weekend has been a real bummer just knowing he's sick and not feeling good. You'd think being sick might slow him down a bit, maybe he wouldn't throw things out the front door as much. Nope. He's pretty committed to his obsessive compulsive checklist of chaos. The only thing he's backed off a little bit from is Doritos. I should note...he's only backed off the eating of the Doritos, not the dumping out of the Doritos.

Being sick you might imagine he would lay in bed and rest except he's not very good at being still. He's got to be exhausted because he's getting no sleep because of the coughing all night long. This morning he was up at 5:00am. He took a couple of cat naps but nothing solid. He's awake right now and I know I have my work cut out for me trying to get him to sleep. Every night is a battle unless he accidentally falls asleep by some weird alignment of the moon and the stars. I even gave him some Codeine cough syrup and that seemed to jack him up even more. Jim has been sleeping upstairs in Dominic's room and Jimmy's room so he can be well rested and fresh as a daisy in the morning.

Time to wrestle the 3 year old to sleep now. Wish me luck.

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