Growing, Growing, Gone

It's amazing how fast time really does go by. When you're little you have no idea what grown ups are talking about when they talk about how soon you will be grown and how you will miss these simple, younger years. It's hard to understand that when time seems to be moving so slowly because you want to grow up and do things you're not old enough to do yet.

Jimmy is just 10 and I can't believe he's going to be done with 4th grade in just two more days. Soon I will have a fifth grader.

He is pretty mature for his age. In some areas that is. To look at him, you'd think he was 14 or 15--he's so tall, already 5' 3". And he has a girlfriend. A real one. She's two weeks older than he is and they've known each other since they were babies and I think it's so cute how they still like each other after all these years. They go to different schools, so that must be why. They don't have to tolerate each other on a daily basis--just special occasions.

I'm so proud of my little giant 10 year old--he did so well in school this year, mostly A's and he was one of only 7 kids in the class who hit their goal and read 4,000 pages this school year. Today just the kids that read 4,000 pages got a pizza party in his classroom. He was stoked. I can honestly say, that's way more pages then I have read in the last several years.

We don't have a lot planned this summer...maybe a couple of little trips. One to Palm Springs and one to Gilroy for our annual school clothes shopping extravaganza. I'm sure there will be lots of dirt bike riding trips with his dad and I think he wants to do the skate board camp again. I'm thinking of joining a local swim and tennis club so that we can have a place to cool off when it gets hot and he gets bored.

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