Favorite Cousin's Funky 40th

In the midst of grieving and feeling like not doing much of anything, my cousin who happens to be one of my best friends is turning 40! So we had a big red carpet Disco Party at our house with a fabulous DJ and lemon drops and lots of food on Saturday night. It was a great party and yes, I had a little too much to drink--but that was OK because I didn't have to drive and no one had to hold my hair while I threw up either. So that was a good thing.

We did a funky surprise dance routine in full costume to "Can't Get Next to You" by the Temptations...partly why I need the extra liquid courage. The Doodle was in and out, which, for him worked out well because that's what he loves to do (go in and out and in out). He loves to dance and gets his funky moves from his Dad.

Here's some pictures of our fun, what not to wear, night.
Yes, that is curly black chest hair poking out of my shirt and I wore my white
platforms because it's not after Labor Day.

Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

Me and Jimmy

Me and Deanne (Birthday Girl)

Me and Jim
(No. The Hat Does Not Come Off. Even At Parties. This is his fancy hat, you can tell by the pinstripes.)

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