Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes

I get it. We have to pay taxes. No surprise.

But why so much? Geeze. How do all of these new laws get passed? Surely we aren't voting on them all. It gives one a new appreciation and admiration for the Boston Tea Party.

I went to H&R Block today and had our taxes done. I felt like I was kicked in the stomach by the time I left there. I know I should feel lucky to have a job but why do I feel punished now for a being a responsible adult in a two income household trying to support our small family.

If you don't have a child with special needs you've probably never had to think about this before but I cannot believe there is no tax credit for caring for a child with special needs or a serious medical medical condition. How is that possible? I'm still scratching my head.

We have great health insurance but still had thousands of dollars in co-pays, deductibles, prescriptions and things the insurance didn't cover. We don't get to write those off because it goes by your taxable income or some crap like that.

I do get to write off what we paid for nursing, but you can write off all legitimate daycare expenses for "normal" children as well so there is nothing special about that.

Even Jimmy got 1099-ed. He made a whopping $1000 after his agency took their cut last year for modeling in a Dell Computer ad. So we had to do a return for him too...even though "I" had expenses far exceeding his check: pictures, zed cards, clothing, parking, bridge, etc. What a waste. H&R Block is not cheap.

To ad insult to injury, I'm thinking who was the government genius that decided it would be a good idea to make income taxes due around the same time county property taxes are due - within five days...and then why are property taxes due again right before Christmas? Does anything make sense anymore?

Gas taxes, road taxes, retail taxes, cell phone taxes, cable taxes, luxury taxes based on what you drive... dmv fees, park fees. Hello, Mr. Schwarzenegger, what are you doing with all of our money and why do our roads still suck and why have the libraries been closed in Elementary schools and why is there no Physical Education? Last year the State of California held tax refunds and sent IOU's.

Current National Debt, a mind boggling $12,826,379,456,286.85 and rising…It's too bad we can't claim Uncle Sam as a dependent. I've decided it really sucks to be an adult.

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