So Close

Just when I think the Doodle has no idea of what is going on, he surprises me. He flirts with me. He hams it up for the camera. He knows if I'm gone because my mom tells me he goes and checks outside from the window to see if my car is parked in front.He cracks up watching his silly shows, does he really get it? He knows when he's not supposed to do something, I can tell because of the way he looks at me. He puts the phone up to his ear and then gets embarrassed. He can point to almost all of his body parts. He can open a can with a battery operated can opener. He can expertly operate a throttle on a dirt bike. He can peddle his bike. He's learning more signs. He's making more sounds. He gives himself time outs. When he wants something he goes and gets it or points. He loves to help and get things out of the refrigerator, pantry, drawers. He likes to help bring the groceries in. When you ask him if he wants to go bye bye or outside, he gets his helmet and shoes. He even knows the dog is there, although he refuses to acknowledge him.

He copies things he sees on t.v. He cleans up when you ask him to.

He gets things. He understands almost everything we say. It just has to be on his terms when he wants to. And I wish I knew what it was that isn't connected up there correctly in that little noggin of his that makes him process information differently, slower, delayed. I wonder if he can only hear certain sounds or key words and that's why sometimes when I tell him to "look at me" he leans in to give me kiss, as if I've said, "kiss me".

He's super affectionate and makes great eye contact; always has. It's why the fraud Dr. Julie Griffith, San Rafael, CA told us he wasn't autistic...the other day his little 4 year old cousin Zoe came over and he kept hugging her and trying to kiss her. Then he accidently lost his balance and all 44 pound of him tackled her.

He's always had a delay when you ask him to do something. I can say, "where's your nose?" and he stares at me with a blank look although I know he heard me. Then if I say, "where's your tummy?" He waits a second and then points to his nose. It's as if he's one command behind. Now when I ask him to do something or show me something, I know I have to say it at least two times before he gets it.

We're so close but yet so far. Welcome to autism.

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