Married. State of Bliss.

I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday then to be coloring Easter Eggs with the kids and have Jim home from his 5 day spa-like work vacation at Lake Shasta.

Jimmy got pretty creative with a couple of the cracked eggs...he wrote things on them like:

"You Crack Me Up" and "Crack Pot". I think he gets his sense of humor from me.

I took the kids to Barnes and Noble today so that Jimmy could pick out a couple of books for Easter. Jim can't understand why I don't like taking the Doodle to the store with me--even on quick trips. Jimmy was talking to Jim on the cell phone when we arrived at the store, we weren't there for more than 5 minutes and the Doodle made a mad dash for one of the emergency exits which had a loud piercing alarm if opened. I ran to try to stop him from opening the door but it was too late and I slid on my ass a few feet when I went to grab him. All of the people in the store were watching. I could hear Jimmy tell his dad on the phone, "Oh that? That's just the Doodle."

We had a nice BBQ tonight in honor of our 11th Anniversary and attempted a family game night, but after just two high balls, my brilliant husband couldn't grasp the concept of the game CLUE so it didn't go so well. He kept blurting out all his cards so that Jimmy and I would both know which ones he had; obviously just to get the game over quicker. And just like Jim not liking to ask for directions when we're lost, he didn't want to hear how the game was actually played or read the instructions.

I'm going to cut him some slack since he doesn't drink much and couldn't even remember what to mix Bacardi with...7 Up or Coke.

It's nights like these that make me reflect on the true meaning of an eleven year marriage with children.

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