Clean Up on Aisle 16

Every time I take the Doodle to the grocery store I tell myself, "it's your own fault". When I only need a few things, I think, "how bad can it be"?

I know that once I enter the market, the Doodle has one thing on his mind. Chips. We must head straight to the chip aisle or we are in full blown autism mode. I can keep him quiet with a few chips if I push the cart really fast. I don't dally or waste time, I multi-task and attack the store like a expertly trained Navy Seal. I divide, I conquer and I never back track.

So we go to the chip aisle and surprisingly, he doesn't want Doritos. But now, he has no idea what he does want. He's frozen and can't make a chip decision. I point to numerous bags of chips and he shakes his head NO. He's completely overwhelmed with the chip selection. So finally he decides. He wants Pringles. So I give him the Pringles. It's all about taking the lid on and off and not so much about the Pringles. Ahhhh. But it's quiet.

I do my best to pick up the pace and get the few things I need. The next thing I know the entire can of Prinlges is dumped out in Aisle 16. People just stare. Ok, Ding Ding Ding, I guess my time is up.

So I head to the check out line. I tell the checker lady that my son just dumped out an entire can of Pringles on Aisle 16. By now, since we're out of chips, the Doodle is in full blown autism mode. He's shaking his head back and forth and kicking his feet. She looked at him and then at me and asked me if he was alright?

"Yes, just a little overstimulated right now. He's autistic", I explain.

"Oh. Well at least he has his health", she says.

"Actually, nope, he doesn't have that either. He has severe epilepsy and he's on a lot of medication right now", I tell her without missing a beat.

"Paper or plastic?", she asked being careful to avoid any eye contact with me or the Doodle. Thankfully, she didn't try to make anymore genius small talk and then finally just put her head down and scanned my items.

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