White Boy Can't Jump

But he can march

And bounce on his butt

And do some dancing tricks

And take a bow.

We got the Doodle a little trampoline today with a balance bar at the urging of his Physical Therapist. For some reason, he can't jump. So we're hoping that the little trampoline will build up some needed muscle tone in his legs and help him with coordination and strength. The Doodle still can't walk up and down the stairs with any kind of ease or confidence. And if you saw him run, well. That's all I can really say about that.

Like most challenges the Doodle is faced with, we have no idea the cause of his uncoordination.
Is it the autism? The seizures? The medication? Or something else we haven't discovered yet?

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  1. It's autism. Good for you getting on it now when he is young. we waited too long to do it. I have a post on hypotonia in the works.