Still Here

We still have the little black foster dog, Jesse, and he's making himself quite at home. He is defiitely a love bug. He would sit in your lap all day and night if you let him. He loves to go outside but we can't let him off his leash for very long or he takes off across the creek to the neighbors to bother their dogs. He's a four legged contradiction. He hates to go outside in the rain and get his his feet wet but he will swim through a flowing creek in order to make a new doggie friend. He is really submissive and shy which I thought might have meant that he might have been abused but he is so friendly and happy and good with people that I don't know what to think. He is really well trained when walking with you and comes when called (for the most part) but still poops and pees in the house. He's super picky and only wants people food. He is completely great around the cat and leaves her alone yet chases birds. He goes from depressed and sad to happy in seconds.

He's been a little under the weather. He hasn't had much of an appetite and he threw up today. He's also had kennel cough and some pooping issues.

The Rescue people swore he was housebroken. He has to be on a leash while in the house or he lifts his leg on anything and he's pooped inside twice. Ick. He has an appointment this week to get fixed so I am hoping that will take care of the lifting his leg thing. I thought only cats marked their territory...

For the most part, he is the best dog we have ever had. Super loyal. Friendly. I love to take him for a walk to get the paper or the mail, even off the leash he stays at your heels. He's so quiet that sometimes I think he took off and I turn around to look for him and I almost step on him. He's got some great qualities and he's getting cuter to me every day. We haven't been forced to make a decision yet because no one else has shown interest in adopting him...but I know that moment is coming. I think, as a family, it's unanimous. We want to keep him.

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