New Court Date

Yes, I appealed it and we have a new court date of Friday, March 19th.

The passive side of me wanted to just pay the horrible Dr. Julie Griffith of San Rafael, California and cut my losses...even knowing what her bad judgement, incorrect diagnosis, irresponsible prescribing of medication and lack of ethics has done to the Doodle. Then I thought what kind of parent would I be to just roll over and play dead after everything she has done. And when I think about how this so called "Doctor" refused to come to the phone without a credit card to discuss the prescriptions and adverse reactions they were causing my 2 year old, I get furious and disgusted.

There's a pretty good chance we won't win the appeal, considering the first ruling didn't go our way. My argument remains, I agreed to a one hour $500 consultation. The doctor or and her staff were aware of this. I was there for 3 hours. I paid this fraud of a doctor at the time of the appointment because at that time she had told me so much information and had diagnosed the Doodle after all of the other doctors couldn't understand why the seizures started. She completely wasted my time and purposely mislead us with incorrect information and blatantly misdiagnosed him with Dandy Walker and mitochondrial disease. On the day of the appointment, when I thought this was going to be our new doctor, I bit the bullet and paid her $1687. It wasn't until the next week when we found out she had misdiagnosed him with everything and when we found out she over-prescribed him medication and wouldn't talk to us unless we paid her more money that I decided to stop the payment on the credit card.

I should have sued her first. How about for all of the additional expenses and real doctor bills we incurred that stemmed from our one consultation with this woman? Not to mention time off work, stress, pain, suffering and the obvious malpractice which is still effecting the Doodle every single day since we first gave him the two additional anti-seizure drugs Dr. Griffith prescribed: Lamictal and Zonisimide.

So you have to ask yourself and I hope the judge takes a moment to ponder what this $1687 means to this Doctor considering all of the harm she has caused to one family. Would a legitimate, successful Doctor not just walk away and be done with it? Is Dr. Griffith that hard up for money because her reputation is finally catching up with her? I'd say it proves that money is more important to this woman than the well-being of a child.

I never just stopped the payment for no good reason or because I had a change of heart. It took some pretty irresponsible and unethical practices on the doctor's part for me to stop the payment. I have never, ever disputed a doctor's bill before or been to small claims court so you must know I am pretty passionate and truly believe in this from the bottom of my heart.

The fact remains, I was there for 3 hours. So, if that is all the judge considers then I will lose even though this doctor used "scare" tactics to secure subsequent follow up appointments from us because of all of her new "findings".

But it doesn't even matter if I lose because another day in court gives me one more opportunity to tell our story to a crowded courtroom and explain how this woman preys on the misfortune of special needs children and their desperate for answers families.

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