Happy Valentine's Day to Me

Nothing says "Happy Valentines Day, I love you" quite like a going to a couple of garage sales and hitting the thrift shops. 15 years and two kids later, sometimes it's just nice to get out of the house without a screaming child or a husband tapping his foot because you're taking too long in a shop.

Jim had big plans to go riding today but then got to yapping on the phone with a friend, and that boy can talk...so it got later and later and then Motocross came on t.v. and it was too hard to break away. And, since Valentine's Day is overrated in my book and being the ever-so-independent gal I am, I didn't let that stop me from junking and thrifting and buying crap I really didn't need.

Jim came through in the 11th hour and I did get a really funny Valentine's Day card and some chocolate; and I mean a REAL Valentine's Day card, not a Happy Hanukah card with the Haunukah scratched out and Valentine's Day writtten in there.

The Doodle was a little accident prone today. After he rolled off the trunk at the foot of our bed and smacked his head he poured hot gravy all over himself. Thank God it didn't blister. Yet.

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