My Weekend Cropoganza

Happy birthday to me!

This weekend I went to a marathon scrapbooking event at the church in Windsor with my cousin, aunt and friend. We scrapbooked our brains out for two days straight! Hate to brag, but I did get 34 pages done...and am almost caught up. I have albums for each of the boys, so everything takes me twice as long since I have two kids. It doesn't help that Jimmy counts each page to make sure that they're even.

The scrapathon is a fundraiser, so besides getting out of the house--kid free, the registration goes to a good cause and there's nothing better than scrapbooking until midnight in the House of the Lord.

We had rum cake last night and the Next Best Thing to Robert Redford tonight. I'm sure with the pasta dinner and snacks and tacos I must have put on a few pounds. I even got balloons and to wear a birthday sash.

This morning I woke up to my favorite French Breakfast Puff Muffins that Jimmy and my mom made. Thanks Mom and Jimmy. On my way to scrap I stopped and got a giant Starbucks with the gift card my dad and Kathy sent. Thanks Dad and Kathy.

It was quite an eventful weekend so far and as much as I missed the kids and worried about the Doodle, it was nice to get a way and relax with the girls. Even better, was how Jim and Jimmy helped me unload all my stuff and pack it back up and bring it home.

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