Justice Has Not Been Served

A cap to my 65 hour work week...

We got our decision from the small claims court judge. Unbelievably, I lost! I'm still not able to process the fact that the judge could not see merit in the reason I disputed the charge from the Fraud Dr. Julie Griffith, a poor excuse of a Neurologist and even worse D.A.N. Doctor.

Evidently, according to the small claim's court Judge's decision, I should have sued her first in Superior Court--but for what I'm not sure. What I am sure about is that none of our expectations were met from the appointment. She did nothing but make matters worse. She purposely and fraudulently gave us a trio of misdiagnosis on the Doodle in order to keep me there in her chair at $500 per hour and try to get us back for future $500 per hour appointments. Nothing she said was true or correct. How can you be that negligent and/or stupid as a Doctor unless you're doing it on purpose?

So it must have looked pretty bad that I was the "defendent" instead of the "plaintiff" and the fact that I stupidly missed our first court date probably didn't help.

This crazy doctor never even physically examined the Doodle and with that negligently prescribed him 2antiseizure drugs which triggered his head drop seizures. The icing on the cake was that she refused to speak with me unless I brought the Doodle back to her office for $500 per hour or gave her a credit card over the phone for a $400 per hour phone appointment.

This court decision is outrageous and at this point I am so upset about it I can't think straight. It's not about the money at this point. It's about principle and teaching this doctor that she can't take advantage of parents who are already desperate for answers, trying to find a reason to remain hopeful and wanting what is best for their child. She has no business being in a position of trust like that when she is so untrustworthy.

I haven't decided yet if I should appeal it in Superior Court. Basically, the Judge only looked at the black and white facts--we had an appointment, I knew her hourly rate, I stayed at her office for 3 hours, I signed the credit card slip for $1687 at the time of the appointment and then later I disputed it. Period. End of case. The Judge did not take into consideration why I disputed the charge or look at this crazy doctor's practices.

If you take your car to a mechanic they make you sign an estimate with their hourly rate, you pick your car up only to hear that all of these horrible things are wrong with your car. But you pay them because you are grateful that at least they figured it out. You take your car home and now the car is far worse than when you brought it to to the shop. You find out that all of the things they told you were wrong with the car were never really wrong with the car. When you call to talk to the mechanic about it, they refuse to talk to you unless you give a credit card. Just because you signed the estimate at the time of service does not mean you should have to pay for their time when nothing was fixed and the car is now undrivable because of what they did to it. Why shouldn't this Doctor be held to the same consumer standards as a freaking mechanic?

I want to cry. Then when I think of the tears I've already shed at the hands of this quack of a Doctor who moonlights as a massage therapist, I get angry. Thank goodness for www.ripoffreport.com. I will tell as many mothers of autistic children in the area that I possibly can about this experience with Dr. Julie Griffith. I will continue to puruse my complaint with the California Medical Board and I will write letters to organizations like Generation Rescue, Autism Speaks and Talk About Autism Now.

So what am I paying $1687 for? Oh yes, for wide-eyed and ignorantly sitting in her chair while she told me my son had a brain malformation that he didn't really have and so that she could waste my time and freak me out when it wasn't true. Is she not accountable for her mistakes? Part of me wants to appeal it. Part of me wants to pursue it and see it through to the bitter end and actually counter sue her. It will take time, money and effort and I'm not sure I have the fight in me. Part of me wants to just put it all behind me and chalk it up to a learning experience.

Of course this sucks because I have real, legitimate medical bills from genuine medical doctors from all of the Doodle's treatments, radiology, medications and hospital stays over the last year.

Frankly, I don't know how Dr. Julie Griffith sleeps at night knowing that she changed the course of of a little boy's life for the worse and then demanded money for it.

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  1. I am so sorry! Drink some more wine and know that God sees all and she will get her justice eventually. This breaks my heart!