Happy New Year

I'm hoping and optimistic that 2010 will be a better year for the Doodle and our family. I'm hoping we continue to control the head drop and grand mal seizures.

Last night was a fun filled night with dinner and games at my cousin's house. We elected not to bring the Doodle with us since he's been sick and there was going to be a lot of kids there. I would have hated to infect them all.

It worked out that I could find a babysitter at the last minute. It's a much more relaxing and fun way to enjoy a party rather than chasing the Doodle around someone elses house hoping he's not breaking things or taking off out the front door. I felt a little guilty but realized it was for the best for all. Including the little insomniac because he hasn't been sleeping. There's no way he could have fallen asleep there with set after set of Guitar Hero and Rock Band being played.

So we left the party at 12:05 am, Jimmy was a having a blast with all of his cousins.

The Doodle is feeling better today so the fun he didn't get to have last night, we made up for today and played and played. These pictures are of him getting chased. He loves to play "Im Going to Get You".

Happy New Year everyone.

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