The Spirit

It's getting closer and I can sense that even Coco is getting excited. It's all Jimmy talks about--every day I'm getting the count down to Christmas. I'm not sure what the Doodle is thinking but I'm sure there are spoons and forks involved.
We've been watching a different Christmas movie each night. I think my all time favorite is still A Griswold's Family Christmas. We'll watch that one on Christmas Eve, it's part of our tradition.
Coco has been sleeping in the presents. She scared the dickens out of me the other night when I went to unplug the tree and heard something wrestling around under there. Thought it might be a mouse.

So I thought I would post a picture of our Christmas Tree--the kids did such a great job and I had to add the feathers...because nothing screams Christmas like a boa. And, Jimmy is really proud of it since he picked it out. I think he's under there right now, counting presents.

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