Our Fast Pass Home

Every little boy I saw I thought of the Doodle.

Every screaming, tantrum throwing kid I heard I thought of the Doodle.

Every sleepy eyed little one I watched sleeping peacefully in their stroller with giant mouse ears I thought of the Doodle.

I had the feeling all day like I had forgotten something.

I couldn't help but miss my little Terror.

Since Grammy and Papa took the Doodle home a day early, it left Jim and I some great one-on-one time with Jimmy. I love how much Jimmy likes to still be with his parents. We went on so many rides and hung out and were able to relax. It was great but also a little sad for me.

Even though I knew it was the right decision.

At least I can say we made every second count. We stayed until the very end. We were one of the very last people to leave Disneyland. We squeeeeeeezed in every drop of magical fun meant to be had. We went on the Tower of Horror at least 6 times in a row--there was no line, so we just kept walking right back on. We rode all the fast and scary roller coasters and no one threw up once!

After the park closed, we walked our sore-sore feet and tired legs back to the Disneyland hotel through Downtown Disney and got the best sleep ever. No Doodle back-kicking me or waking up screaming with his tonic seizures. No peeing the bed at 4:00 am. Just pure uninterrupted 8 hoours of sleep. Ahhhhhhh.

We loaded up the car this morning and left the happiest place on earth, headed for home, our other happiest place.

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