Old St. Nick

While waiting in line for Santa I couldn't help but wonder if this man in a red suit ever imagined or wanted to play Santa Claus when he grew up. At what point did he look in the mirror and say, I have a new idea for a career for myself? Was it something he always aspired to be? I wondered what he used to do before he grew the white beard and put on the Santa suit. It's such a seasonal gig.
The the jaded side of me couldn't help but wonder if the people in Human Resources at Simon Mall were running background checks on these Santas who have children sitting on their lap all day long.
The Doodle got a real kick out of Santa, it was the waiting he wasn't too fond of. Jimmy, who still very much believes in Santa, wrote him a letter and a list of what he wanted. He looked a little miffed when Santa handed him his letter back after he read both pages. Santa called me over and asked me if I would email to him.

Oh. And I'm not sure but I don't think we're ever allowed back into Fresh Choice unless we bring our own dustbuster and a muzzle next time

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