The Big, Bad, Doodle

He will huff and puff and throw breakables in your house down.

While you can't always prevent it or gauge it--you sure don't know when it's coming and you might not be able to determine the trigger, it always looks the same.
He throws the first thing onto the floor as if to distract you so that he has more time to throw the more damaging items--like a follow up to the first decoy throw.

Crazy eyes.

Heavy breathing. Actual huffing and puffing.

Flailing arms in a fit of frustration.

Things crashing to the floor.

Then the pitter patter of his little feet running quickly toward his swing to give himself a time out.

Just today we had a large clock hit the floor, a cupboard full of tupperware, a glass dish break, a channel changer, a bag of Ruffles with ridges dumped out, all thrown onto the floor in some kind of attempt to either pay us back for something or communicate with us. We will never know.

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