Date Night

While everyone was scrambling last night to catch the opening night showing of the new Twilight Movie, we went and saw The Blind Side. A perfect and fabulous family movie based on a true story.
Sandra Bullock was great--one of her best performances.
Our date night turned family night because of our ten year old...but I'm not complaining. I love that Jimmy wants to spend time with us now and is interested in some of the same things we are and I know it won't be long before that all goes away. And I'm glad he saw it because of the incredible message it sent. It was a movie that made us laugh and cry and we talked about it the whole way home.
It was everything I love in a movie including and especially TIM MCGRAW! It was inspiring, sweet and well written.
Grammy stayed home and watched the Doodle. I got the times a little screwed up so we had an hour to burn--we went to the coffee shop next door and had mochas and white chocolate cheese cake. And it was nice and relaxing.
Jim slept through the previews and I was afraid I was going to have to get my elbow ready to jab him when he started to snore but I guess the mocha kicked in and he was able to stay awake for the entire show. He liked the movie too.

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