Crew Cut

I'm a procrastinator when it comes to difficult tasks which is why the Doodle's hair has gotten so shaggy.

I can only muster the energy up about every 3 or 4 months to cut the Doodle Bugs Hair. I have to really focus, psych myself out and just go for it. Drinking a Rock Star right before the hair cut does help a little bit, I drink the Rock Star, not the Doodle. The Rock Star acts as a stamina builder and gives me that extra edge I need to get the job done.

But of course the Rock Star doesn't help to steady my hand, as you will see in picture of the Doodle's hair. I wish I could just get the clippers out and buzz cut him but the sound and vibration of the clippers is too much for his little brain to freaks him out so bad I'm afraid it's going to throw him into a seizure, so I do it the old fashion way. With scissors.
The Doodle doesn't look very happy with my handy-work.

I can't believe how old he looks with his hair cut.

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  1. It used to take us three days to complete Logan's haircut. It eventually gets easier!